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Rulik Perla Says:
mars 16th, 2008 at 1:13 eFew people have the quality of living their life as a poem. Rarely though, they have also earth-roots and an anchor safely holding.
These letters are all a true expression of such a special balance and whole.
I have known the author for almost thirty years. He has often been a source of inspiration, a guide, and a mentor. At the same time we have a wonderful and deep friendship of peers.
Sailing with Captain Marc opens the vast horizons of an unknown adventure, combined with the warmth of a galley, excellent food and the trust of being in good hands.
He is indeed like a sailboat, a perfect balance of wet and dry, openness and containment, movement and rest, home and nature, masculine and feminine.
My limited French allowed me to enjoy only a few letters from the book. Yet, I had the special privilege of hearing the author read them in both French and English translation.
The publishing of these letters is a reason for celebration, as more people will share this rare experience. I trust that taking a journey through this book will bring forth some hidden internal treasure, long forgotten or even never known. That brings Hope.

Rulik Perla
Sailor and Therapist

Clarisse Minassian, London Says:
mars 29th, 2008 at 12:43 e

What a delightful writing! and a gem is “Cinglant à Sec de Toile”. This collection of letters strikes me like a ‘millesime’ wine from a magical vinyard producing wine to intoxicate the soul of the drinker.
One glimpses at timeless truths reflected in the letters and realises that although the author addresses them to his patients, they also speak to the reader of the book personally. They certainly left me with a lingering feeling of warm associations with my better self such as inner strength and faith in and love of every single moment that passes by.
In the author’s focused clarity the reader feels touched by shoreless love and humility just as one would trust an experienced captain to guide a barc on a stormy and dark ocean (very much like Rembrandt seascape). To me, the force of love reflected in the wisdom contained in each letter melts away all bitterness from hardened hearts and exposes the highest potential of each individual for her or his own enjoyment.
Furthermore, he suggests alternatives for coping with rough rides offered by life (as Shakespeare says not ‘making a famine where abundance lies’). The visions revealed in the letters, help the reader to realise for herself or himself that each individual life, no matter how unbearable, is a celebration. It is worth loving and living through most simple and seemingly ‘insignificant’ everyday activities .
This is a book to re-read again and again and I have already recommended to friends who are lovers of workable answers to life’s riddles.

Clarisse Minassian

Rosalind Mearns Says:
septembre 6th, 2008 at 2:16 e

It is hard to add anything to what has already been previously so well said about “Lettres d’escale”.
Because of my rustic French when I started to read it, it took me a while to realize that it was not necessary to understand every word in order to get the meaning of the “Lettres”. I only needed to let them sing their beautiful poetry to my heart to grasp their range and emotions.
Such a journey into the heart only awakens and sooths the soul.

Milles mercis!
Rosalind Mearns

Courriel de Ruth Atkins ( ramuse@world12.net ) Californie, reçu le 8 Septembre 2008

Dear Author

If I didn’t know it already from personal experience, it would be
obvious immediately that you are a supreme listener. I say this not because
you are an excellent raconteur, which you are, but because the breath of
your narration is the breath of a listener to silences and spaces, the
cadence of thought and experience behind the words.
Too often psychology has been demeaned to a chemical
equation. In these letters you have restored to it the dignity
owing to a study of the soul. Not only do you validate
your patients, their experiences, and their processes;
but the form of this genre reminds each of us as readers that
our own stories, like these, deep within their
meandering and often confused narratives ,bear reassuring responses
which courage, sincerity, and patience may unlock.
Keep listening. Keep writing.

Ruth Atkins

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