Friendly links - Liens amis

A friendly link is a link whose author has taken the artistic or/and creative  path in his/her pilgrimage to the self.

Not the puffed up self familiar to the westerners but the self that is so thin and transparent, so essential and unassuming that it is like:

“A moonbeam reflecting in the dewdrop falling from a bird beak.”


Photo d`Alexandra Inch

The authors presented here are also people I have personnally met and/or known for many years to witness their genuine and lasting comitment. I consider them friends in spirit, although the friendship has taken a spiritual aroma and can be multifaceted.


Photo Alexandra Inch


 (Refuge pour animaux domestiques) (photograph)   (poetry)  (sculptor) (painter)  (painter/photographer)  (voice)  (non duality)   (Voyager)

(apiculteur) (winemaker)  (painter) (painter)  (therapist) (painter)  (sculptor) (decorative arts) (painter and art teacher) (painter) (non duality)  (flute)  (writer)  (de la danse au corps de lumière) (Caroline Coyner: Reiki Master, energy healer) (Praticien Shiatsu) (artiste-peintre)  (art-thérapeute) (artiste, graveur) (architectes)


(coaching) (coach-formateur)  (Pasteliste) (graphic arts in Scotland)



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